Multimedia Projects


Multimedia, as the word suggests is the expression of information using multiple media like text, audio, images, animations, video and interactive content. It stands out from the normal media which usually uses only a single mode to express the content. Multimedia can be recorded and played, displayed, interacted with or accessed using computerized or electronic devices. In today’s world Multimedia has its footprint in almost every industry. Some of the industries include Education, arts, science, entertainment, hospitality, medicine, communication etc. Some of the factors that make multimedia, a media of choice for many are;

User-friendliness: Easily used by anyone. It is usually self-explanatory does not need great skills to understand.

Multi-sensory: It can be perceived using multiple senses, such as seeing, listening, reading, and talking.

Comprehensive and interactive: Its interactive capability always gives it room for improvement and changes.

Flexibility: Multimedia can be adapted to meet the needs of the respective audience and is not rigid. 



Multimedia Projects at Boni Engineering and Technologies

Multimedia is a vital application in the fields of presentation, learning and entertainment industries.

Following are the categories of multimedia application:

  1. 3D Animations
  2. 2D Animations
  3. Games
  4. Special Effects
  5. Website developments
  6. e-learning
  7. Computer Based Training
  8. Simulations