CAM Projects

Introduction to CAM

CAM, or computer-aided manufacturing, is the use of computer systems to plan, manage and control manufacturing operations. It directly or indirectly provides the computer interface of the plant's production resources.


Its primary purpose is to create a faster production process, components and tooling with precise dimensions and material consistency, which in some cases, uses only the required amount of raw material (thus minimizing waste), while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.

CAM involves numerical control of machine tools and also programming of robots.



CAM Projects at Boni Engineering and Technologies

  • Creation of CNC part program for milling and turning operations.
  • Development of manufacturing automation applications using interface programming languages and basic CAD/CAM tools.
  • CNC Tool path verification and simulation applications.
  • Fixture design, modelling and simulation in CAM tools.
  • Extensive use of CATIA, UG/NX, and CREO for CAM application projects.